Business Integration at Scale for the High Growth Enterprise.

Revolutionize your operations with Scaled Sense. Redefine how technology drives success through operational mastery — strategically viewed from a business lens.

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Experience the key benefits

Well-Architected Infrastructure

Well-Architected Infrastructure

Scaled Sense ensures that your systems are resilient, scalable, and aligned with industry best practices. Our platform enables smooth execution of business processes, minimizes risks, and keeps costs under control.

Speed To Value

Speed To Value

In a competitive landscape, swift execution is crucial. Scaled Sense allows you to respond to market demands, capitalize on opportunities, and stay ahead of competitors, without the need to spend excessive time architecting infrastructure.

Own Your Core Business System

Own Your Core Business System

Take control of the essential processes and technologies that drive your business. Scaled Sense reduces your vendor lock-in while allowing you to customize and optimize your systems around how your business operates.


Our Platform provides unique features focused on allowing your team to prioritize creating value for the business.

Engineer Data Assets

Data should not be an afterthought. Define how information moves throughout your business. Elevate your data to a first-class asset and unlock its true potential.

Act On Your Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) isn't just a dashboard. Act on the events happening within your business in real-time.

Fully-Automated Application Lifecycle

End-to-end management of your custom software applications that delivers value to the business in record time.

Organizational Governance

Encode your business and technical requirements across your entire technology stack in a way that ensures compliance without the red tape.

Observability Visualized

Truly understand and visualize how your business operates to identify bottlenecks quickly and forecast future needs.

Plug & Play Integration

Seamlessly connect your internal systems, providing direct interoperability with best-in-class third-party services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Scaled Sense for within my organization?
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Scaled Sense is a collaborative platform intended to be leveraged by many people within the organization. We look to solve many of the technical challenges that slow down architects and developers from delivering value to the business. Our platform increases development velocity while providing better visibility to the rest of the organization on how technology is helping them achieve their goals.

What providers does Scaled Sense currently support?
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Our platform centers around the use of GitHub and Microsoft Azure as your core service providers. If you feel this doesn't work for you or you have questions about other providers - we'd love to hear from you to discuss your needs further. Contact us at to get the conversation started.

What are your architectures based on?
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We look to compile best practices across industries and technologies to provide thoughtful and robust solutions. We use sources such as the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and the Azure Well-Architected Framework as well as our experience implementing such solutions within small to large enterprises as consultants.

Does Scaled Sense replace my need for GitHub or Azure?
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No, Scaled Sense is a layer you leverage between third-party providers and your organization. We help to translate what your unique business requires into all of the technical details that these providers expect.

Do I need a DevOps team if I am using Scaled Sense?
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It depends - our platform is designed to give the tools and support required for enabling development teams to own the operations and lifecycle of their technical assets. That being said, the capabilities provided by the platform are the perfect augmentation to existing DevOps teams to facilitate continued focus on driving value for the organization by freeing up time traditionally spent on what Scaled Sense provides on day 1.

Experience the freedom to focus on what matters.