Observability Visualized

Truly understand and visualize how your business operates to identify bottlenecks quickly and forecast future needs.

Key Benefits

✓   Perspective-based approach to observability.

✓   Understand impact within the context of your business.

✓   Instrumented workloads to get immediate insights.

How It Works

  1. Select the perspective or role in which to visualize your systems.
  2. Quickly, dive deeper into the source system to identify a root cause.
  3. Create or modify alerts to be notified of future events.

All achieved through...

Comprehensive Metrics

Out-of-the-box instrumented workloads, allowing users to monitor various aspects of the services performance and interactions.

User-Friendly Dashboards

User-friendly dashboards for visualizing data, ensuring accessibility and ease of interpretation for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of system performance, data flows, and user interactions for proactive issue detection.

Customizable Alerts

Set up customizable alerts for specific events or thresholds, facilitating timely response to potential issues.

Experience the freedom to focus on what matters.