Engineer Data Assets

Data should not be an afterthought. Define how information moves throughout your business. Elevate your data to a first-class asset and unlock its true potential.

Key Benefits

✓   Data schemas as a first-class asset within your business.

✓   Cross-functional use of your data between your applications while maintaining proper data governance.

✓   Automated data contracts both internally and with outside partners.

✓   Understand how data flows through your organization.

✓   Data quality validation to ensure pipelines meet service-level agreements ("SLAs") that you've defined.

✓   Federated implementation model while retaining a single pane of glass to visualize, understand, and govern your assets.

How It Works

  1. Identify the location where the dataset exists.
  2. Define a rich understanding of the data structure.
  3. Specify data access requirements and restrictions.
  4. Create an integration to include the dataset in your organization's portfolio.

All achieved through...

Data Modeling

Create and customize data models that represent your business entities, relationships, and attributes.

Customization and Flexibility

High degree of customization, allowing you to tailor data assets to your specific business needs.

Data Transformation Engine

Powerful transformation engine for mapping and transforming data according to predefined business logic, ensuring consistency and coherence.

Business Context Annotations

Annotate data elements with contextual information, ensuring a clear understanding of the business significance of each data component.

Data Quality Monitoring

Monitoring tools to assess the quality of data flowing through integrated systems, with alerts for anomalies or discrepancies.

Experience the freedom to focus on what matters.